SHIELD 4S by Shield Security Sagl is a consulting firm specializing in all aspects of corporate security. corporate security.

With strong experience gained in special forces and multinational companies, the Shield 4S team is among the top experts in services evaluation, revision, correction, training and application security procedures and systems.

A method that combines rigid parameters, attention to detail and training: the specialist training provided by Shield 4S men allows you to manage company security according to rigorous procedures, even in complex situations and in an environment of stress. manage corporate security according to strict procedures, even in complex situations and in an environment of stress.

The four S of corporate security (Security, Safety, Setting & Solutions) are evaluated, managed and provided by Security Management professionals.
Shield 4S has a consolidated international background in the field of investigations, field operations and management of risk and safety situations in hostile or multicultural environments.


Consulting and training in corporate security of the highest level: Shield 4S uses Special Forces veterans, used to understanding the human, professional and economic values to be protected and trained to manage tasks with precision and confidentiality.


With company security means the protection and protection of properties, know-how, data and structures.
But it is above all the protection of people  within the company and in external activities, even in risk scenarios for safety and employee safety.


Shield 4S has as its core business the protection of trade secrets: the department of Cybersecurity and cyber security it undergoes constant updating procedures and is able to provide the safest hardware and software supports to guarantee the data protection and internal company networks.
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