ANALYSIS AND PLANNING: risk & security assessment

Shield 4S is a company specialized in providing consultancy support in terms of risk management, security management and travel management: every programmatic, practical, training and operational activity originates from an accurate and professional analysis of the situation and critical issues, a reconnaissance dedicated to analysis and planning called - depending on the setting - risk assessment or security assessment.
The risk assessment is an assessment of the three areas of corporate safety (internal, external and travel management).
The risk assessment is an assessment of the three areas of corporate safety (internal, external and travel management): it invests the risks for safety inside or from outside the company and the risks that company staff can take on the occasion of travel or prolonged stays in risk or danger contexts.
The security assessment it is instead the evaluation of all situations involving security of a company, in all its aspects: it allows you to become aware of the state in which the company safety procedures are located (the so-called "assessment as is“) And to compare the latter with the best practices indicated by the most recent and performing case studies.
The analysis phase is a phase which is preliminary in nature, essential for a correct evaluation of the interventions to be performed.
The consequent planning is the option that Shield 4S recommends to its customers at the end of the overall analysis conducted: only at this point is it possible structure an intervention map tailor-made and aimed at addressing (and solving) any problems that may have arisen.


Generally, the period of time required to perform a risk assessment or a security assessment varies, depending on the company size and / or the complexity of the operations investigated, one to three months.


Shield 4S assessments provide one in-depth report on the state of security and corporate risks: it is the starting point from which to proceed to plan interventions and improvements.
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