The Under Stress Activity ("Actions under stress") is a specific and vertical training activity on some particular areas, based on thepsychological approach used by people: it is an upskilling path for selected company resources.
It is aimed at increasing the ability to act in highly difficult space-time contexts, to maintain a high level of performance and to train staff to manage stressful situations.
Training for the adequate management of situations in stressful conditions is an area usually neglected within the company: yet it can give remarkable and quantifiable results, both in house in daily activity both outside the company perimeter.
Accustom some units - specially selected from their internal resources - to manage different types of stress can be a key factor: this preparation can be decisive not only in key-safety, to deal with and resolve dangerous and risk situations, but also during daily activity.
Developing mental strategies to operate under stress also optimizes the ordinary management of complex projects, strategic for the business.
Stress management is a surplus value within a strongly focused project management the goal, where the tension towards the result, the balanced management of human and material resources, the organization and the choice of priorities converge.


The training dedicated to the Under Stress Activity is provided in highly sectorialized packages of hours.
Those sessions are structured according to business needs and goals.
Depending on whether the target is short, medium or long term, Shield 4S structures personalized training plans to maximize staff skills.


At the end of the Under Stress Activity courses the resources involved get one certification of passing the course by Shield 4S.
This certification proves and details the personal skills gained during the training activity.
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