Security consultants

Shield 4S is a company born to supply services, through high profile security consultants, for companies without an internal security department, with the aim of evaluating and improving internal security procedures.
Optimization of security procedures is a factor in the conservation and expansion of corporate capital - made up of assets, knowledge, data and people: this allows companies to consolidate and plan business development, even in delicate foreign contexts.


Shield 4S security advisors are professionals with a high level of experience in corporate security and in personnel safety - both in everyday life and in risky environments.
Formed by experts on corporate security and personnel safety, both in everyday life and in risk environments, it makes use of professionals with decades of experience in the Italian military departments against seizure, anti-smuggling, anti-crime and anti-terrorism
Shield 4S professionals are united by strong human ties, solid professional sharing and one knowledge of risk and safety procedures unmatched, already declined in multinational companies in the years of further experience after leave.



Protect company assets, knowledge and data to allow companies to protect their physical and intellectual assets.


Protect people, inside and outside the company: teaching risk management techniques in dangerous scenarios and under stress


Confidentiality, discretion, trust, honor: they are not commercial values, but our human values applied to the world of work.
carlo pedone consulenti per la sicurezza shield 4s

Carlo Pedone

Founder of Shield 4S, he spent 10 years in the Tuscania Battalion of the Carabinieri and, after his leave, he worked for FedEx and Brembo. He specializes in investigations, risk analysis, close protection, aviation safety and corporate safety.
marco becciu consulenti per la sicurezza shield 4s 2

Marco Becciu

He has worked for over 30 years in the Carabinieri Corps, acting as an anti-terrorism instructor and in collateral activities. Join Shield 4S as Senior Advisor in the design of safety training programs, project management and operator training in hostile environments.
carmine passeggia consulenti per la sicurezza shield 4s

Carmine Passeggia

Security Risk Advisor for Shield4S and former Security Analyst in an important Lombard company, he specializes in Security Risk Management and in organization and corporate decision making by means of an analytical measurement of security events and risks.
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