Shield 4S, within the procedures put in place for improve corporate security and the operator safety, prepares theoretical and practical safety training courses dedicated to staff.
At the sessions organized in the classroom, in which the general and programmatic guidelines are deepened with lectures, exercises and case studies, practical demonstrations, stress tests, training sessions alternate.
Shield 4S courses, held from our team and if necessary from consultants within our professional network, they intervene on the various areas identified as strategic for the improvement of business practices, teamwork, decision making.
Theexperience of the Shield 4S team, matured between military institutions and important multinational companies, it is made available to meet most of the training needs.
The network furthermore, gained over 30 years of activity in the sector, it is able to offer solutions with a high degree of specific competence, when business needs require further areas of specialization. 
The wide range of courses deals with intervening on:
- Specific Professional Knowledge
- Psychology and Communication
– Safety
- Discipline Procedures
- Motivation
- Method
– Team Work
– Self Confidence
- Assertiveness
- Discipline and sense of belonging to the organization 
and other psychological and practical areas for fuel awareness and operational effectiveness in human resources destined to carry out complex activities. 
servizi per la sicurezza - formazione applicata per la sicurezza


The temporal use of personnel in training procedures is quantified in hours in the classroom and hours in Shield 4S facilities: it must be agreed with the wishes of the companies and must be balanced to comply with the legal limits imposed for training in such a specific and delicate area.


The training activity is followed by one certification by Shield 4S for the human resources of the companies that have taken the course, through a certificate awarded at the end of the completion of the agreed training course.
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