EVENT MANAGEMENT: Event Management

Shield 4S is able to deal with the aspects of protection and security related to events business corporate or open to the public: situations with a high degree of responsibility, in which the aspect of safety is fundamental, and in which qualified professional support helps to prevent critical issues and to structure strategies for managing the unexpected.
The support in the organization of events takes the form of a specific and limited activity, dedicated to individual events: it is made up of an evaluation part, a training part and an operational supervision.
The evaluation part takes care of examining all the risks and critical issues deriving from the organization of an event, in concert with all the components involved.
It is followed by a support in terms of procedures and implementation, which includes the evaluation and selection of suppliers or the selection of dedicated personnel. 
The training part consists of a briefing series in which the critical issues connected with the conduct of the event are analyzed and prefigured: from the aspects of the influx and outflow of the participants, to the logistical organization, passing through any aspects of confidentiality and all other conceivable situations. 
Finally, Shield 4S can guarantee the general supervision of safety aspects during the event, ensuring its presence in service to optimize the management and control of all potentially critical situations connected to it.
servizi per la sicurezza - formazione


Managing security aspects related to small and medium-sized events requires a job of at least two months from the date identified for the performance.
Times may lengthen in the presence of external and internal situations that increase the complexity of the event itself.


Request Shield 4S advice forEvent Management it means securing all the problems relating to an event: general evaluation, elaboration of the procedures to follow, training, choice of suppliers, selection of dedicated personnel, supervision of the event on the safety side.