The term Security Management means the concrete and operational support for corporate safety management 360 °, including the drafting of the corporate DVR (Corporate Risk Assessment Document).
It is a complete service, designed for all companies in which the internal security department is absent.
Theoutsourcing of company safety procedures The outsourcing of corporate security procedures allows companies to limit the fixed costs relating to corporate security, without renouncing a professional, comprehensive and high added value contribution.
The activity of security consultants allows Shield 4S professionals to be always up to date on best practices in terms of internal corporate security on multiple sides, and to draw on their wealth of experience to configure and implement the best solutions for the individual case.
These are highly customized solutions: internal security needs are peculiar to each company.
They are designed and programmed only once a risk & security assessment, conducted by the Shield 4S men: a real audit, in which the overall risk assessment is added to an overall recognition of safety, procedures and its implementation.
Usually, Security Management projects consist of one procedural part it's a part of physical security.


How long does it take for a security management consultancy?
The answer is necessarily variable, and depends on the physical size of the company, the number of employees and collaborators, the product sector and the type of goods to be protected.
The average time for an intervention dedicated to the management of corporate security is around from 3 months for more immediate situations to 10 months for more complex situations and structured.
However, one remains central and essential customized design to understand with sufficient accuracy the starting situation, the needs and objectives of each reality.


In the area of corporate security management, the procedural construction of Security must not be neglected: it consists of drafting of an internal security plan, perfectly adherent and based on the daily operations of the client company.
Physical security - understood as operational implementation - involves the access control and the design of video surveillance and alarms highly customized and customized according to needs.
The type of asset to be protected is in fact always decisive in the Shield 4S security offer: the solutions designed and proposed configure a balanced offer - right in the heart of our value proposal - according to the criteria of the "Proportional security", making efforts and results as efficient as possible.
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