PROBLEM SOLVING COACHING: a course to solve crises

The Problem Solving Coaching is a targeted training activity, useful to stimulate and develop a sense of responsibility, proactivity and rapid management analysis of problematic situations.
The Problem Solving course is administered in packs of hours: within them, company staff are taught to approach the critical issues with method and safety, working on the team subjected to the psychological training course. 
It is an upskilling path, realized through motivational techniques and study of application strategies: they are designed to encourage awareness of one's technical and moral qualities.
The course aims to increase the skills of individuals and to develop their aptitude for handling problematic situations, with an approach focused on the progressive elimination of difficulties - choice of priorities, delegation, team organization, identification of priorities, planning - and therefore on the overall solution of problems.
The training course is useful both in terms of company life and how recognition for people who undertake it: the resources selected for the Problem Solving Coaching sessions increase their personal baggage in parallel with the professional one, developing new technical and procedural skills.
Finally, the rewarding scope of the program should not be underestimated: the people selected for this type of training recognize and appreciate their importance within the company organization chart.
The effects of the activity have on the area of corporate security in terms of managing complex situations and on the general management of means, times and resources.


Training dedicated to Problem Solving Coaching is provided in packages of hours of frontal and on-the-job training, structured according to company needs. 
Such packages are delivered according to business needs and goals.
Depending on whether the target is short, medium or long term, Shield 4S structures personalized training plans to maximize staff skills.


At the end of the training courses on Problem Solving the resources involved get one certification of passing the course by Shield 4S.
This certification proves and details the personal skills gained during the training activity. 
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