Occupational risk management is a fundamentally important practice for company life and for social consequences which has the issue of safety in the workplace.
Shield 4S experts are fully aware of the responsibility to which they are called when they embark on a path of risk management: a consultancy support activity aimed at evaluate and limit the risk at work and in companies.
The risk management service involves three areas of corporate safety: internal risk management, external risk management and travel management.
The first two concern the security risks present within the company or from outside the company (or business).
Travel management, on the other hand, is the part of risk management dedicated to internal company staff who have the need to travel in risky contexts at work: natural risk, danger for human activities, contexts from the difficult political / social environment.
The goal of advice and training in the area of risk management, it is allowing organizations to plan the development and expansion of the business on an international and continuous basis, even when it involves sending staff abroad for prolonged business trips to risk areas of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, North America and Europe.
The Shield 4S men have a solid experience in managing risk and danger situations, gained during the years of service with the Italian military special forces: thanks to a deep global understanding of the culture and problems of the designated countries they manage to set up a professional and comprehensive threat coverage to which collaborators, assets and activities are exposed.


How long does it take for one risk management or travel management consultancy?
Depending on the case, the physical size of the company, the number of employees and collaborators involved in the company activity or designated for foreign missions in the context of risk and the type of assets to be protected, the average timing ranges from 2 to 5 months.
For travel management situations Shield 4S is able to deliver practical and intensive training courses, so as to allow the company staff to promptly operate.


The risk management it can be useful to all companies: the degree of need varies according to the risk assessment - which can be done by Shield 4S men themselves.
Depending on the detected business risk (low, medium, high), it involves the adoption of theoretical and practical measures, vade-mecum and procedures to minimize workplace safety risk. 
They can be added to them sessions at different degrees of intensity theoretical and practical training staff, even in dedicated structures.
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